Video streaming

Top OTT Video Streaming Trends

Ever since it emerged, OTT platforms have been getting wide acceptance. The popularity of OTT apps is helping people to stream content without any cable box. It offers brands, distributors, and content creators to enjoy scalability along with conventional pay-TV. The power and reach of conventional pay TV combine in OTT apps. The flexibility provided by the internet offers unlimited power that has created new opportunities for brands, distributors, and content creators globally.

Currently, OTT platforms have gained more popularity than traditional video platforms. OTT platforms try to bring innovations and freshness in services, helping them to achieve success. The OTT video streaming market is expected to double in the coming years. The arrival of 5G internet connections will accelerate their growth. Here are the most noticeable trends in the OTT industry.

Consistent Growth

Entertainment has become more accessible through the growth of OTT platforms. They have become more popular as they allow users to gain access to a huge library of contents. Users are already satisfied with the content offered by OTT platforms. They also expect more services from these platforms as they have witnessed growth in each phase of OTT platforms.

Instant Growth During The Pandemic

The business industry had advantages and disadvantages during the pandemic. However, the virus brought a new strength for the OTT platforms. People had to stay indoors due to the pandemic and they had to find different options to entertain themselves. On-demand video content was a popular option many people preferred. Thus, OTT platforms got more opportunities for their growth. Subscriptions of these services allowed users to access video content anywhere at any time.

Growth Of Connected TV

Connected TV or CTV saw a rise during the pandemic. People were not comfortable with mobile devices and laptops to view video content seamlessly. This is where Smart TVs emerged and connecting OTT platforms with smart TV sets offered a new, convenient way to watch videos. Movie revenue also increased with the combination of these two platforms. A stable internet connection and a sign-in allowed people to watch OTT content on their TV sets.

Enhanced User Experience

Today plenty of OTT service providers are available in the market. Each platform tries to provide something fresh and unique. While some try to bring exclusiveness to the content, others offer exciting offers in the subscription plans. Thus, viewers get to choose from the multiple options available. This also increases the demand for the best user experience as most users look for it while selecting a platform. They expect to get the content they prefer in a fast and easy way.

Music Streaming

People used radios to listen to music in the past. However, nowadays, audio streaming platforms have started replacing radio sets. They offer the same services as radio systems in a more aligned manner. Music streaming applications have already become trending and are one of the most downloaded applications in the app markets. Many surveys have shown that there has been a rise in the number of music streaming application users.